Andrew Lyman-Clarke


Andrew Lyman-Clarke has been developing his skills as a filmmaker for 15 years, working professionally in New York for the last seven.

Starting out primarily as a videographer, he shot many types of music, fashion, and theater as well as interviews, conferences, corporate videos and non-profit videos. Some notable experiences included shooting Pitbull, Keisha Cole, Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom and Michael Bloomberg. His videography experience and training in grip/electric work led to his serving as a Director of Photography on instructional videos, music videos and independent films.

On the post-production side, Andrew has edited for his videography clients as well as other clients. Two documentaries he edited and one short thriller film have recently been appearing in film festivals worldwide. His work has also appeared on MTV, PBS, Discovery and other major outlets.

Andrew’s strength lies in his ability to tell a story with motion pictures, which he believes are the dominant language of our times. His shooting and editing experience complement and enhance one another as he has a holistic understanding of all of the tools available in the crafting of the story.

In addition, these skills and his direction on five short films, one feature-length film and more, make him a capable director who can articulate his ideas to actors and crew with specific knowledge.