Follow the Leader

Psychological Thriller / 23 mins.

Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Rated R






Every year, hundreds of young people go out on wilderness hiking programs which are designed to teach them leadership and outdoor survival. On this trip, Haley is plagued by nightmares about the woods. Her hard-nosed guide doesn’t make it any easier. And then when she sees a strange man in the forest, the experience begins to feel more like actual survival. . .

This film is a prototype for our upcoming feature, Rite of Passage. Check out that project here.

Have You Seen

Sci-Fi Thriller / 73 mins.

Directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Rated R


Four Vermont teenagers discover a strange glowing rock in a cave. They call the rock “the Orb,” and they become obsessed with it, setting up a campsite nearby and creating website about it. But one of them knows more about the Orb than the others: it he has seen its chilling secret. This mindbender will take you an on otherworldly journey and stun you with its shattering conclusion.


Psychological Thriller / 50 mins.

Directed by Seth Panman

Rated R

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Based on a true story, Red follows three different tales on New Years Eve in New York: A sailor must stay on board his ship even though he could be visiting his girlfriend. The girlfriend and her friend bicker about what to do for New Year’s. Meanwhile, a man with a dark past wanders the streets. The three come together in a stunning twist and reveal that will leave you shell-shocked.

“Whereas most would use blood and gore to scare people, Seth [Panman] uses real life, pure and simple.”

-Larry Genik, Aristocrat Magazine