Witness Creates Hits for Cosmopolitan.com in 2014

January 4, 2015

Witness filmmaker Andrew Lyman-Clarke did a lot of work for Cosmopolitan.com (A Hearst Magazines site), and had a number of videos “go viral” in 2014.  The first was an offbeat makeup tutorial in which Gene Simmons of KISS demonstrates how to do his signature rock & roll makeup on his daughter Sophie.

The video was featured on Good Morning America and Youtube Nation (the best of Youtube) in August.  The next viral hit came later that month with the video “Never Wait in Line For A Dressing Room,” shot guerrilla-style in SoHo using only iPhones.

In October, Lyman-Clarke edited a provocative three-part series which had been shot nearby in Columbus Circle.  When it was released, these “Sex Positions Attempted by Real People” caused an immediate sensation on Youtube, being reposted all over the internet.  Cumulatively, these three videos have almost four million views.

Looking forward to more successful collaborations with Cosmopolitan.com in 2015!

The People’s Film Festival

June 15, 2014

Witness Films stopped by the red carpet premier of the community-centered People’s Film Festival in Harlem and spoke with some of the filmmakers, actors and attendees (Part 1). Producer/Host Seth Panman also spoke on the panel about the criminal justice system. Check out his soundbyte in Part 2 below, as well as the incendiary comments of the retired NYPD detective who says “not to speak to the police.”

Witness Spot for Mars Petcare, Hurricane Sandy Victims Released

February 11, 2014

In August of 2013, Witness produced and shot a video about Mars Petcare’s efforts to resurrect an animal shelter damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Recently the edited video was released… “This project felt really good to be a part of and I used my directorial instincts to keep the cameras rolling through the emotional rollercoaster.” -Andrew LC

Labretta Suede Music Video

September 4, 2013

Witness filmmaker Andrew Lyman-Clarke shot the music video for “Mean-Mouthed Mama” by Labretta Suede and The Motel 6, recently released on Beats Per Minute and a variety of other outlets. Serg Soza directed the video. Check out the feature here.

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6

Witness Film Releases Documentary About Thomas Szasz

February 4, 2013

In September 2012, Thomas Szasz, M.D., a controversial figure in psychiatry who “wanted to demolish the profession”, died at his home in Manlius, New York. Witness Films was approached by longtime collaborator Philip Singer, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, Oakland University), to edit a documentary based on an interview that had been recorded with Szasz a few years earlier. The final piece, just finished, already has interest from a number of institutions and promises to be the authoritative statement on the beliefs, and death, of this iconoclastic figure.  See more.

ALC Does DP Work on Indie Feature

January 11, 2013

For three weeks in January, Witness creative Andrew Lyman-Clarke has relocated to northwestern Connecticut to serve as Director of Photography on “A Lotus ‘Til Reckoning,” written and directed by David McElfresh. Already he’s cooked up some innovative lighting schemes for this absurd character piece about three couples at different stages of their relationships.

Role of Mary LLC Hires Josh Folan as Producer of Marketing and Distribution

October 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce the signing of Josh Folan, an actor, producer and filmmaker, to the squad. He will be handling the promotional attack for our upcoming psychological thriller The Role of Mary. Josh has previously gotten distribution for the film All God’s Creatures, through Osiris Entertainment. Welcome Josh!

Witness Moving Forward on Role of Mary, Needs PMD

August 7, 2012

Last month Witness Films formed an LLC which will handle the production of our newest feature project, The Role of Mary.  Members Andrew, Jason and Seth are now seeking a PMD (Producer of Marketing and Distribution) who is up to the task of helming the publicity and distribution of this unique and important project.  If you or anyone you know is interested, contact us here.

Witness Works On Havahart Commercial

April 25, 2012

Witness Films shooter Andrew traveled last week to Philadelphia to camera operate on a spot for Havahart, the famous humane animal trap company that is based in Pennsylvania. It was great to be on set for the shoot with favorite colleagues Zachary Ludescher, Joe Hicks, Enzo Sica, Luke Buck and more! Directing was Witness collaborator Jason Brewer of the hot Philly agency Brolik. All around a great shoot for a product I really believe in, surrounded by great people. Witnesseth.

Witness Director Seth Panman Goes on Snowboard Heli-Scout in the Rockies

March 21, 2012

In February 2012, Witness Director Seth Panman took a trip to the mountains of Colorado to field-test crews, cameras and a shooting style at high altitude. Jumping out of a helicopter at 13,500 feet and riding down a mountain with no adjustment period can be a challenge even for a seasoned boarder, but Panman added the element of filming on the way down. Shooting largely with the GoPro cameras, his visual explorations will pave the way for the snowboarding sequences in the upcoming Witness feature Hard Rox.