Seth Panman


Seth Panman was a professional snowboarder for Anvil snowboards (now Thruster) for eight years, in which time he gained unique experience and knowledge that can only come from the high-stakes world of extreme sports.

But in 2001, a near-fatal snowboarding accident sparked his determination to change gears and turn his forceful energies entirely to his passion, filmmaking. Since that dramatic turn he has directed three short films and his feature-length film, Red.

In 2004, Panman came to New York City and began working as a director/producer. One of his first projects was the filming of hundreds of video testimonials by people who have overcome life traumas. Some of the stories he heard inspired him to create the provocative feature, Red, which was a co-production of Witness Films and two other companies, including PanmanSoljan, his company.

Panman has fashioned works for major clients such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Crains International. Performers with whom he worked as director include Paris Hilton, P-Diddy, and Boy George. Despite the high-paced schedule that is part of show biz in the city, he takes time for humanitarian, pro-bono projects using all his expert film and communication skill.